Stable Remote Desktop

Software for Remote Work

Simplify your work from home with DeskIn--an easy-to-use

and secure remote control tool without loosing connection.

Convenient Remote Connection

Remote connection diversity

1. On-demand remote access: Use temporary code or password-free mode to connect.

2. Unattended remote access: Set manual password to access without needing someone in front of the device.

3. Wake on Lan: Wake computers from a sleep or powered-off state.

Cross system connection compatibilty

Leading Technology Encrypted in Service

4K60FPS / 2K144FPS

Ensure full HD image quality

≤40ms Latency

Brings smooth work experience

200+ Global Nodes

Ensure fast speed

Easy File Transfer & Management

Access, manage and transfer any files between any devices wirelessly

Desktop to Desktop

Mobile to Desktop

Desktop to Mobile

Mobile to Mobile

Efficient Productivity Tools

Mirror Screen

Screen sharing can present work or give instruction in real time with a better result

Extend Screen

Remote Camera

Remote Printing

Security in Our Consideration

256-bit Encryption

Bank-level security

Privacy Screen

Blacklist & Whitelist

More Security Settings

Suggested Plan



Per user/month or $49.9/year

Recommended Add-on

Root-free Android Control


Easy-to-use & Secure Remote Desktop Software

for Everyone to Use