Smooth Remote Desktop

Software for Remote Game

Play any games on remote device with DeskIn--a

professional remote access tool with minimal delay.

Interactive Full HD Experience

≤40ms Latency

Brings smooth gaming experience

4K60FPS / 2K144FPS

Superior image quality

Play Anytime

Fully enjoy AAA games from remote places

Play PC Games on Mobile

Provide exclusive gaming keyboards and game shortcuts.

Instant button response for smooth, seamless control.

Multiple keys combined into one

Drag the button position freely

Customize button size

Freely set long press/short press

Mirror Mobile Game to PC

Connect phone with gaming controller, project your mobile game content to PC screen wirelessly. Bigger screen, better gaming experience.

Play Windows Games on a Mac

Mapping your PC keyboard to your mac in a perfect way. Enjoy PC games on your crappy mac without installing Windows.

Extend Your Game Screen

Turn your mac/iPad as second screen of your gaming PC. Play game on PC in full-screen mode, extend Discord chatbox to mac/iPad to chat with other players.

Immersive Auto 3D Game View

Automatically switch to 3D game view during remote access in all FPP/TPP games. It seems like playing games on local computer.

144 FPS System Configuration Requirements


AMD FX 6300 @ 3.8 GHz, Ryzen 3 - 1200 / Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz

Ram size:

8G or above


Upload speeds up to 10mbps


The refresh rate of the local and remote screens needs to be 144Hz or above

Suggested Plan



Per user/month or $99.9/year

Recommended Add-on

Root-free Android Control


Easy-to-use & Secure Remote Desktop Software

for Everyone to Use