Parsec alternative

- DeskIn

Centralized device management,Operating system compatibility

Parsec alternative

Why DeskIn is better

  • Centralized device management

    Device and group management features are included in all plans.

    Only available for Parsec Team, which costs $1800 per year.

  • Operating system compatibility

    Connect to Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android with DeskIn as you need.

    Only Windows 8.1+ and macOS 10.15+ are supported.

  • Instant Support

    Login free for remote devices.

    Both sides are required to log in with the same account.

  • High performance

    4K 60fps supported

    4K 60fps supported

  • Hardware Requirements

    Lower requirements on devices and better solution for more situations like remote work and IT support.

    Perform poorly on lower-end devices.

  • Essential features

    Various practical features available:

    File transfer

    View mode

    Disable remote input

    Share Clipboard

    Remote Terminal (CMD)

    Remote Camera

    Lack of essential features for remote access:


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