RDP alternative

- DeskIn

Cross-platform compatibility,Cost-effective

RDP alternative

Why DeskIn is better

  • Cross-platform compatibility

    Easy remote access for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and more.

    Most suitable for Windows users only.

  • Cost-effective

    Reasonable pricing with various key features.

    Complex and expensive to setup and manage; manual security updates; requires company-issued device; faces constant user support challenges.

  • Dashboard for hosts

    Dashboard is available for hosts, and target device (host) is able to manage access permission of controlling device (client) in real time.

    Target device (host) will be kicked out of the device once it get connected.

  • Functions and utilities

    Supports file transfer, keyboard/mouse lock, chat, and more.

    The MS native RDP client features limited built-in tools.

  • Centralized user management

    Organize DeskIn users into groups from centralized web console easily.

    Requires setting up VPN user/group management and also RDP user/group management, resulting in redundant work; lack of centralized monitoring of users.

  • High-performance and low latency

    With up to 4K 60fps image quality, DeskIn makes you forget where you are.

    Lower performance with obvious latency.

  • Easy to Use

    Easily to connect and manage remote devices with user-friendly interface.

    Connecting to remote computers is complex.

  • No VPN gateway requirement

    DeskIn is a software which based on remote access solution.

    Requires setting up & managing VPN gateway for each office and upgrades for VPN CPU/memory in case of overload.

  • Optimal network traffic utilization

    Users use home and corporate bandwidth, which avoid any network congestion.

    Users require VPN to route personal traffic through the corporate network, which result in congestion. Because disabling split-tunneling reduces productivity and enabling split-tunneling increases risk.

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