Splashtop alternative

- DeskIn

Free for All Platforms,All desks in one, easier & quicker to connect

Splashtop alternative

Why DeskIn is better

  • Free for All Platforms

    Available for all platforms, including iOS and Android.

    No free version for the mobile under WAN.

  • All desks in one,easier & quicker to connect

    Logging-free as target device (host), and all essential features in one application.

    All hosts requires to install Streamer and configurations in the web console.

  • Temporary Technical Support

    Easily connect to your customers or technician with temporary password.

    Innovative features for game players and designers:

    Auto 3D view

    4:4:4 Color

    Temporary connection is not supported unless you pay extra.

    Lack key gaming and designing features.

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