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to Control Mobile Device

Control mobile devices from long distance with DeskIn. Provide mobile technical support for your customer, family and friend.

Mobile Control Mobile

You can use iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet to full control other Android device remotely.

iOS to Android

Android to Android

Desktop Control Mobile

You can use Windows PC, laptop, macbook to full control Android device remotely.

Windows to Android

macOS to Android

Cast Mobile Screen To Mobile

You can share screen between iPad, iPhone, Android phone and tablet wirelessly.

iOS to iOS

iOS to Android

Android to iOS

Android to Android

Cast Mobile Device To Desktop

Cast your phone screen to a bigger screen for a better gaming or entertainment experience.

iOS/Android to Windows

iOS/Android to macOS

Mobile File Transfer

File transfer between mobiles

iOS to Android

Android to Android

Android to iOS

File transfer between mobile and desktop

More Features

Communication is the key

Support your family, friend, customers or collaborate with your colleagues with real time communication methods.

Remote mobile device camera

Unattended access

Manage kids' device

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Root-free Android Control


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