Powerful Remote Desktop

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Manage your remote devices and files with DeskIn--a

comprehensive remote access tool helps to improve work


Screen Management Boosts Efficiency

All-in-one solutions for multi-device users to improve device utilization and engagement

Extend Screen

Extend PC screen to second device wirelessly, enjoy dual monitor setup with one mouse and keyboard, best for processing multiple tasks such as data analyst, video editing, designing, writing essays etc.

Mirror Screen

Mirror pictures to a larger display. Share screen to other devices under different network, share large video file or confidential law file to your client.

Virtual Screen

Improve efficiency by generating 3 virtual extended screens of remote PC. Creating virtual screen for a host without a monitor.

Multi Screen

Display multiple remote screens on your PC at the same time, categorize your tasks screens and reduce screen clutter.

File Transfer Breaks Systems Limitations

Up to 12MB/S large file transfer

between any devices.

Desktop to Desktop

Desktop to Mobile

Mobile to Desktop

Mobile to Mobile

Excellent Stability

Leading RTC technology,

reduce network congestion

≤40ms latency brings

smooth work experience

200+ global nodes ensure

fast connection speed

Suggested Plan



Per user/month or $199.9/year

Recommended Add-on

Root-free Android Control


Easy-to-use & Secure Remote Desktop Software

for Everyone to Use