TeamViewer alternative

- DeskIn

Cost-effective,Ease of use

TeamViewer alternative

Why DeskIn is better

  • Cost-effective

    More economical options for personal users and SMBs.

    Single user business license costs $418.8 per year.

  • Ease of use

    Simple and clear interface with all key remote control features packed inside.

    Complicated & unnecessary functions buried deep inside the app.

  • Support for mobile devices

    Each solution includes 2 root-free Android devices and all mobile OS supported.

    Support for mobile device costs $155.4 per year with mandatory installation of an additonal app.

  • High performance

    Supports up to 4K 60fps connections, with 1ms latency in LAN.


  • Innovation

    Innovative features for gamers and designers:

    Auto 3D view

    Supports drawing tablets and game controller

    4:4:4 Color

    Lack key features for designers nor gamers.

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