Large File Transfer

Remote Mobile

Large File Transfer

Free high-speed transmission without lag, up to 12MB/s
Use the file manager to transfer files to each other or directly drag and drop to transfer

File Manager

Drag And Drop

Remote Mobile

Root-free remote control of Android mobile devices
Remotely view Android cameras with a wider viewing angle
Real-time synchronization of images on both sides

Remote Android

Remote Camera

Why Choose Deskln ?

Support All Platforms

Unlimited cross-platform connection

4KUHD & Low Latency

Self-developed algorithm, latency less than 40ms

Security Guarantee

Strong device-to-device encryption

Stable Transmission

200+ global high-speed server nodes

Simple Solution for All Needs

Remote Desktop
Remote Work
Remote Support
File Transfer
Remote Mobile
Remote Game
Access All Desktops in One Click
Connect to remote desktops from any devices at anytime
View and control a desktop with on-demand attended or unattended access
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Work From Home in an Ease
Work remotely from home or a coffee shop
Suitable for remote cooperation, full-time or part-time remote work, and occasional telecommuting
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Get Quick IT Support
Intelligent technology for remotely troubleshoot, configure settings, and etc
Convenient and cost-effective way to offer technical support remotely
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Transfer Large Files Quick & Secure
Access and manage confidential file with secure remote connection
Quickly and easily transfer large files between local and remote computers without format or storage limitation
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Support for Any Mobile Phone is Possible
Easily access to data and files in mobile device from any location
Efficient way to offer mobile device support to anyone
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Play Games without Limitations
Connect to any remote PC gaming from anywhere, enjoying smooth remote gaming experience
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Smooth, High-definition, Stable Experience,
Excellent Usability and Performance

Security System

Traditional BGP Data Center

DeskIn Network Optimization

OTT SD-WAN intelligent network optimization

Globally recognized
“high-speed navigation” technology

FasterPlan the optimal route to reduce network latency

SD-WAN technology can proactively detect network congestion points and automatically plan the optimal route to ensure high-speed and stable transmission.

More stableDetect routes in real time to avoid jitter and packet loss

Real-time detection and bypassing of unstable lines, even in the event of sudden fluctuations, can achieve millisecond-level fast line switching, minimizing the impact of network fluctuations.

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Personal Version of Remote Control
Practice Excellent Skills

Innovative Technology,
Higher Performance, Ultimate Experience

4K high-definition picture without losing design details

0.04 seconds non-sensitive delay, hit wherever you point the mouse

Compatible with 8096 digital tablet, accurate coordinate and pressure sensitivity

Supports Bluetooth peripherals, perfect mapping of mouse and keyboard

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Enterprise Version
Secure Office, High Performance, Unified Management

Higher performance
More efficient

Exclusive enterprise version high-speed line.

Extremely fast transmission is smoother

Exclusive enterprise version high-speed line

  • ·Long-lasting and stable connection, no lag or disconnection
  • ·The fonts are clear and enhanced, making it easier to write documents and code
  • ·High definition and high frame, precise response, satisfying 3D design and graphics operations

SOS minimalist controlled terminal

  • ·3 seconds to download, 1 click connection
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Supports up to 2K30FPS UHD, VIP exclusive high-speed network, 200 global nodes.


Gaming Edition

Supports up to 4K60FPS / 2K144FPS, supports PS and Xbox game controllers.


Performance Edition

Supports up to 4K60FPS / 2K144FPS, comes with exclusive rights such as virtual screen.



Suitable for design drawing, modeling and rendering,video editing and other scenarios


Protection of data both in transit and at rest.
Enterprise focused Identity Access Management control and E2E 256-bit encryption in place.
Implementation of multi-factor authentication on every corporate connection in use.

Information Security Management System Certification

Information Security Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification

Easy-to-use & Secure Remote Desktop Software
for Everyone to Use

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